Looking for a Used Performance Car in Perth? Marsan Motors is Perth’s premier outlet for used performance vehicles.

Our Kenwick yard has the best selection of fast cars at Perth’s best prices. Whether you’re after an HSV Clubsport, Senator, SS Commodore, SS Ute, Chevrolet, FPV, or GTS, you’re sure to find a sweet set of wheels at Marsan Motors. We can even arrange additional performance work on your car prior to delivery.

Performance Car Specialists

Marsan Motors has been selling high quality used performance cars in Perth since 2000. We offer great levels of service and have a great reputation throughout Perth for the quality of our used performance cars and after-sales service.

Whether you’re after a souped-up sports coupé, a hotted up HSV, or an XR6 turbo, our experienced team can help you find the ultimate set of wheels.

Performance Upgrade Service

When you purchase a Performance Car from Perth’s Marsan Motors, we can arrange for additional performance work to be carried out on your vehicle before you take delivery.

All performance upgrades are carried out by highly trained and qualified technicians who specialise in performance vehicle work.